Cloud based
network management

The challenge

An internal system for an organization’s digital analytics, based on cloud solutions. The platform enables monitoring all data flow, passing through local and wide area networks. Our team spent 10 months redesigning the platform. We completed the development and design for 18 system sections, built a full UI kit including illustrations, typography, and specs for all components.

Platform Redesign
So Now

The platform features a multiplicity of functions and manages all the corporation’s data. Cisco turned to us for an of-the-moment visual solution since the current style had become outdated. We also added new functions that the previous design couldn’t support.

In-corporation security management called for an imaginative approach.
Our step-by-step method let us scale the new design across all sections.

Creation of a design system

Our final flourish was transferring models to engineers. Side by side, Cisco’s and Runny Times’s teams collected specs and outlined all possible scenarios for adding elements and blocks for new pages.

It’s a breeze to assemble new pages from blocks and components.
Duane BarlowPrincipal Engineer

On behalf of the Cisco - Tetration team, I would like to thank Cuberto for the very successful collaboration and design contribution to our product. Cuberto proved to be a reliable and responsible partner that we were comfortable to collaborate with. Our teams worked in sync, and we did not experience any discomfort in communication...

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