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Consumer Voice is an independent expert specializing in reliable product feedback. In part this relates to purchasing products on Amazon, where some sellers post fake positive reviews to increase their ratings. Consumer Voice shows customers only real feedback and helps locate a specific product out of multiple categories with a subsequent purchase on Amazon.

brand launch

The challenge

The service was launched from the ground up and it was our job to develop a new corporate identity. A distinctively shaped message with an uppercase letter “C” was our visual solution for the logotype. The service is aimed at users that like to shop online, so our goal was to create a logotype that looks awesome on a website. To elaborate on Consumer Voice’s corporate identity, we developed a set of icons for every possible category of products and plenty of eye-catching illustrations.

Step two: site development and design

The website design has a lightness of touch and super simplified steps for the essential functions. Users have the option to use Search from the main page, or search for their desired product by means of categories.

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