Galvanized steel metal
frame manufacturer

The challenge

Ferrumpipe is a partner of the largest metallurgical plant “Severstal”, that supplies galvanized metal for its needs. The production occupies 5000 square meters and owns the most modern equipment for the manufacture of all types of fences. Their old website has not been updated since 2014 and our task was to make a good-looking website with a demonstration of the entire production line. Also, at that time the company was launched on the foreign market and the site had to correspond to the international level in terms of the visual concept.


You can hardly find another similar site in this industry. When developing Ferrumpipe, we looked at many sites and they all looked quite massive. The main problem was to come up with an alternative idea of content presentation, different from competitors and to tell about the unique technology for the production of galvanized steel frames.

Instead of photographs, we decided to use 3D models for all products.
The main color of the site is green. This is the most popular color for painted frames.
The advantage of 3D models is that we could render details in the view we need.

Production technology in detail

Thanks to 3D and customer's schemes, we were able to reproduce the production technology of these frames. It is based on a folded seam and this technology does not require welding, which distinguishes Ferrumpipe from other manufacturers.

Tech stack:
Sequence Animation

Our specialists filmed and edited the video of the full production cycle at the facility itself.
We have made a separate lightweight version for smartphones.

Site of the Day
by Awwwards, FWA and
CSS Design Awards

At Ferrumpipe you will not find the boring and corporate ethics that we often see on many similar sites. The site has received high marks internationally for its chosen approach and presentation of information, which significantly increases user engagement.

Yuri Podnebesov Chief Technology Engineer

It was a great pleasure working with Cuberto team. Previously we had only out-dated website created in mid 2000th, we were excited to create new one but had no idea how to do it, no thoughts regards the visuals and ways how to present our company and production...

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