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The challenge

Our team built a new website dedicated to millennial women in Asia. Millennials are the “Y generation,” the “Next generation,” and “Echo Boomers” since they’re the children of children born in the post-WWII baby boom. The product showcases online trends and offers its audience high-quality content in the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, travel, and food.

What does being trendy mean to you?

The product is targeted at a 30-40 year old audience and our team instantly blew past all the typical templates for these kinds of sites. The idea was to develop an information portal that reflected the most happening design trends and where you can find content relevant to you.

Web version adapted for smartphones.

Design isn’t
just details

Interactive website stands apart from the same old

Site animation is a really, really big deal. It’s so much more than aesthetics and looking good because it dictates interactivity. Micro-animations often act like hints.

Interactive carousel of new products with links to sources.
Color coded blocks for different categories.
Search functionality by keywords and categories.
Agnès MorinFounder & CEO

We hereby announce that in according to the completion of designing, developing, and testing our website,, we are delighted and fully satisfied in terms of workmanship of your designs, providing assistance in troubleshooting issues, and developing a responsive in the timeless possible manner...

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