OHM Health

Monitor health
in real time

The challenge

Our team went above and beyond for OHM, an app designed for communication between patients and healthcare workers. OHM is an electronic journal of records, doctor appointments, medication schedules, research, and other useful details. Medical charts are significantly simplified in OHM and patient history is kept in one convenient spot along with all other instrumental and lab research.


From the get-go, all we had was a vague description of functionality. The task was herculean, starting with developing an effective strategy and ending with launching the finished product. It was essential to build a platform to which healthcare professionals could add patients and keep tabs on them, and the patients in their turn could follow the doctor’s orders and stick to their wellness program.

Developing brand visuals went through multiple stages.
Several concepts contributed to the logotype: wellness, communication, testing, and 24/7 support.

Mobile application

The mobile app for patient use was one of the first products we developed. Our aim was to simplify and refine the internal workings of the system and adapt it to all age groups. The application feels nice and light, unified by a “medical” color spectrum.

The app lets patients easily keep track of any test results and completed research.
All the main functions are displayed on the main screen dashboard.
Notifications include information about taking medication and recent doctor’s orders.

Web platform

The platform supports both internal clinic provider (doctor to doctor) and doctor to patient communication. For easy patient-provider communication, we included a messenger function which is both in the application and in the admin panel.

We created a site design that explains all the platform’s functions with 24/7 healthcare support.
Create group chats within the same clinic or patient and all his doctors.

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