Largest auto parts
supplier in Russia

The challenge

EuroAuto is the largest network of service stations, spare parts stores and auto dismantlers. The company maintains and repairs over 820 vehicles a day. That's 25,000 cars a month, 300,000 repairs a year! The EuroAuto marketplace has more than 4.5 million new and used spare parts with more than 200 points of issue in the regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

When EuroAuto first approached us, the main task was to completely redesign the current mobile application, which in no way corresponded to the level and scale of the company. The whole product was a catalog and it was necessary to transform it into a powerful sales tool in the mobile applications market.

Goals and objectives

EuroAuto came to us with a very large roadmap, which consisted of far-reaching plans and future functions for several years ahead. Therefore, already at the start, we knew that there would be a lot of work, but first it was necessary to put in order what was already working in some form.

We have carried out a complete refactoring of the current version of the application and fixed many bugs.
We finalized the design and created a set of ready-made user interface solutions (UI kit).

Subsequent product development

We work with EuroAuto in tandem, where all the front-end development is carried out on our side, and the back-end is on the side of EuroAuto. Both teams synced together perfectly and the product has been successfully developing for the past 3 years.

The application now includes payment, cargo truck search, blog, extended catalog, garage and much more.
Our team has taken over the support and development of both iOS and Android apps.
Plisov I.V.Deputy CEO

We've been working with Cuberto for more than a year now. Our previous experience with outsource teams was not always positive. In the case of Cuberto, everything is perfect: adequate estimation and work on time, the desire to dive into the details, the desire to make a good product, a complete understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing that...

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