Genesis Vision

Private trust management
and trading platform

The challenge

Genesis Vision is a blockchain based web platform for private trust management. Its unique ecosystem unifies brokers, traders, and investors, spanning all financial markets, GV funds, GV programs, and GV Follow functionality. At the core is smart contract technology supporting an automatic and completely transparent system for investment and profit distribution.

Probably the best
broker community

GV Follow is the key component of the social trading position.

Extensive application functionality

The GV Follow functionality, an option to create a portfolio, and an option to view the trading account. All the trading tools you need are accessible in the mobile application (Crypto, Forex, CFD, and others).


We value every single client and do our best to offer multiple options for working together in a way that makes everyone happy. The most reliable and mutually beneficial way is when the client trusts in your expertise and you can meet multiple needs during the course of a long term working relationship. Genesis Vision gave us that opportunity to show them what we can do.

Genesis Markets

The instrument panel shows a summary of investment and trading account information. Full integration with the B2Broker liquidity pool, which significantly widens the list of assets.

The instrument panel includes investments and trading accounts.

Experience is everything

Runny Times has been specializing in creating intricate trading platforms since 2010. In Genesis Vision, we achieved the most convenient solutions and offered novel tools for representing data.

Dmitri NazarovCEO

Genesis Vision Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Cuberto team for cooperation, excellent work and high-level professionalism. We ordered branding, web design and mobile app design. Cuberto designers are extraordinary productive specialists and are creative in solving all assigned tasks...

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