The best tool for
frame-by-frame animation

The challenge

FlipaClip is one of the first tools and the most popular application in the world for creating stop-motion animation with an audience of over 30 million. It doesn't matter what style or on what level you draw; this application helps bring many interesting and creative ideas to life. Despite being so popular, FlipaClip has never had a website of its own. And we were entrusted to create a site that would complement this unique tool and could demonstrate the main features at the highest level.

The whole website is an interactive story that immerses you in its own atmosphere.
All content is presented in short blocks, which improves the perception.

Fast and responsive site that’s only 5 MB

Despite a lot of complex animations, 3D and video content, the entire site weighs 5 MB. We had a debate about whether to make a simplified version for smartphones, but the client decided to leave it as it is. And that was the right thing!

The site reflects a product that combines gamification, uniqueness and visual enjoyment in interaction.

Site of the day
by Awwwards and FWA

Marcos MesonCo-Founder and VP of Marketing

On behalf of the FlipaClip App team, I would like to thank Cuberto for the successful collaboration and development of FlipaClip.com. Cuberto proved to be a reliable and responsible partner that we were comfortable collaborating with...

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