Rally Reader

Private reading coach
that hears you read

The challenge

Rally Reader is an AI application that listens to you read, tracks word accuracy, highlights mistakes, and provides feedback in real time. Rally works for everyone, including those with dyslexia. It’s an especially clever aid for kids. Children with dyslexia sometimes read words incorrectly, and this app hears and corrects them. Rally highlights a tough word and breaks it up into syllables. Then it selects the compound word, arranges it according to syllables, and adds it to the list of complicated words. We wanted to shift a mentoring task from parents to the application. And you know what? We succeeded.

The application casts a wide audience net, so the style isn’t limited to the user’s age.
The color and design scheme fully support the app’s format.

Not just another reader

Our team is careful to take on projects that are truly useful and Rally Reader definitely falls into that category. The app helps people who find speech challenging, and we worked out an accessible design that demonstrates these functions.


We worked with Rally Reader for nearly a year and in that time completed app design and analytics, created a memorable corporate identity, produced a promo video, fully developed the site, and helped out with marketing materials and print production. What distinguishes an agency: you can check off all the essentials throughout product development.

Since the product is aimed at children, we decided to dream up a special character.
Meet the happy bears who can help children overcome reading hurdles with zero shyness or guilt.
Andrea JohnsonCo-Founder + CEO

We chose Cuberto to build our mobile app and website. They were fabulous, highly professional partners. Their work was wonderfully original, the account team was always responsive to feedback, and they delivered every aspect of the project on time and on budget. We look forward to working with them on the next phase of our product.

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