Official website of Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia's capital

The challenge

We were entrusted with developing a brand new website for Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, in collaboration with AXIS, a top-tier local agency. Riyadh is a modern, rapidly expanding metropolis with a population of 6.5 million people. Not many companies in the world can say that they have taken on projects of this size and complexity, but Runny Times sure can.

2 years of work
2 versions of the site

A city this size requires a site that can withstand massive server loads. Our team relied on only the most current technologies for developing the server. Citizens will discover plenty of useful information about their city on the new site, and it’s also targeted to attract business and tourism.

Overview of current events and city highlights.
Overview of the city’s arts and culture scene.
Overview of openings, festivals, conferences, and religious events.

Arabic and English
versions of the site

The site empowers tourists to discover the city’s potential

There are six primary sections on the site that describe in detail Riyad’s features and provide a complete picture of the metropolis, including history and must-see sites.

The history of Riyad’s development starting in 1931.

city map

One of the site’s key functions is The Moment. This interactive city map includes all the business centers with panoramas and 3D imaging.

The Riyadh Moment mobile app has the AR function.
You can check out the city blueprint and future building projects on the app.

The official portal
for citizens and tourists

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