Online platform
for distance learning

The challenge

uLesson is a one of a kind product. It brings together multimedia and technological solutions to create an exceptional learning experience for African students. The startup collected 3.1 million dollars in the seed funding round. Boasting extremely progressive goals, the platform aims to raise the level of education in African countries. uLesson provides students the tools to unlock their fullest potential with the help of personalized learning on mobile devices.

Unique experience

It was truly a novel experience for us to participate in an ambitious, large-scale project like uLesson. Our team partly took on the job of market research, strategy elaboration, development, and of course, getting creative with visuals. Runny Times worked through dozens of design concepts throughout the lengthy collaborative process and successfully created an unforgettable design for the mobile and desktop application. Oh, and did we mention that we built the website from scratch?

uLesson features practical tests in multiple subjects.
The release package includes a digital key and an SD card.
The app is intended for students and their parents.

alternative to tutors

Supplement to in-class learning

The services and functions of uLesson are linked to its mobile application which lets users register, pass tests, and evaluate their learning progress.

Thousands of educational videos, interactive animations, tests, and grades.

Report cards
for parents

The platform offers parents or guardians analytical and data reports to help guide the child’s progress, improve the learning process, and add new subjects.

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